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Central Goldfields Shire Council

Davidson Executive and Boards, in partnership with the Central Goldfields Shire Council, is seeking dynamic, contemporary candidates to bring their unique skill-set to the geographic centre of Victoria. If you are passionate about delivering great customer service, working for a progressive and innovative Council, and making a difference to your local community, you can find further information and the application process below.​

About Central Goldfields Shire Council

Located at the geographic heart of Victoria, Central Goldfields Shire is home to just over 13,000 people. Maryborough is the Shire’s major business centre and is a health and retail centre for surrounding towns including Castlemaine, St Arnaud, Avoca, Talbot, Carisbrook, and Dunolly.

The Shire is part of the Goldfields Tourism Region, with many visitors coming to see the historic buildings and townships that date back to the 1850s when the region supported a prosperous gold mining industry, as well as visitors to the annual Energy Breakthrough event and the Highland Gathering. Central Goldfields Shire is bounded by Northern Grampians Shire in the north-west, Pyrenees Shire in the west, Hepburn Shire in the south, Mount Alexander Shire in the east and Loddon Shire in the north-east. Maryborough is the Shire’s major business centre with a population of around 8,000. Other townships include Bealiba, Carisbrook, Dunolly, Majorca, Talbot, Bowenvale-Timor, Daisy Hill – all of which feature iconic heritage architecture.

Agricultural industries are spread across the municipality and include grain, sheep grazing and broiler farming. The Shire is also home to a number of major manufacturing, infrastructure, agricultural, freight, printing and food production companies. The Shire’s road network assets include 512 km of sealed roads, 768 km of gravel roads and 110 bridges. Residents have access to affordable housing and a wide variety of health services, schools and recreational facilities.

Central Goldfields Shire Council Culture and Lifestyle

Maryborough is the shire’s major business centre with a population of around 8000 people. Other smaller towns in the Shire include Bealiba, Carisbrook, Dunolly, Majorca, Moliagul, Talbot, Bowenvale/Timor and Daisy Hill. The towns and rural districts surrounding these centres are famous for their colonial architecture and significant agricultural industries. The Central Goldfields has a unique combination of natural qualities; manufacturing, retail and agricultural sectors; historical significance, and is strategically placed in terms of economic and tourism potential.

Quality health and education services are at your fingertips along with developing connection and transport services between Melbourne and the major regional cities of Bendigo and Ballarat. The Shire is currently experiencing significant economic growth with key infrastructure projects on the go, retail developments on the way and major residential developments reaching fruition. Life in the Central Goldfields Shire offers both the peace and tranquillity of rural life and the convenience of city amenities. Central Goldfields certainly is a great place to live, work, retire and invest.

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Current Positions

We are currently inviting applications for the following positions located in Maryborough, Central Victoria.


General Manager Corporate Performance

$180,000 - $190,000 TRP

11:59PM Sunday 4 October 2020

Download PDF

Contact Seamus Scanlon
Phone: 0455 118 868

Manager Finance

$145,000 - $150,000 TRP

11:59PM Sunday 4 October 2020

Download PDF

Contact Carla Bent 
​Phone: 0422 582 992

Manager Infrastructure

$145,000 - $150,000 TRP

11:59PM Sunday 4 October 2020

Download PDF

Contact Melanie Pecanek
Phone: 0408 898 734 

Manager Operations

$132,598.94 - $146,944.54 TRP

11:59PM Sunday 4 October 2020

Download PDF

Contact Melanie Pecanek
​Phone: 0408 898 734 

Manager Governance, Property and Risk

$132,598.94 - $146,944.54 TRP

11:59PM Sunday 4 October 2020

Download PDF

Contact Carla Bent
Phone: 0422 582 992

Application Process

Step One
To apply for this role, please click on the relevant advertisement at the bottom of this page and select “Apply Now” to upload your resume.
*Note, you do not need to include a covering letter or to address key selection criteria. 

Step Two
For a confidential discussion or further information, please contact the relevant person in the table above. For assistance with the application process, please contact Jessica Charles at or 0407 841 525.

Working at Central Goldfields Shire

Central Goldfields Shire Council is led by our Executive Management Team which comprises of the Chief Executive Officer and three General Managers. 
The organisation is divided into three directorates - Infrastructure Assets and Planning, Corporate Performance and Community Wellbeing. 

We have a contemporary CEO who supports staff to have a go – to be innovative, and to really try and understand what it is our community wants. This is also reflected in our values which are embedded in the “way we work”.

Our Vision / Purpose

  • To be a vibrant, thriving, inclusive community.
  • To achieve the best outcomes for the local community and having regards to the long term and cumulative effects of decisions.

Our Values

Community and customer focussed

  • We ensure the community and our customers are at the centre of everything we do.
  • We communicate openly and honestly and take responsibility for our actions

Collaborative and inclusive

  • We work together to deliver the best outcomes for our community
  • We appreciate and learn from each other's expertise and respect different views and perspectives

Challenge the status quo

  • We explore new and innovative ways to work and deliver services and programs
  • We try new things and learn from our mistakes

We employ 220 staff across 40 different services and many different locations.  Our main office is located near the famous Maryborough Train Station in Nolan Street, but many of our staff work at other locations across the shire including: 

  • The Depot and works department in Maryborough 
  • Maryborough Regional Library and soon to be built Dunolly Library
  • The Goldfields Family Centre, 
  • The Central Goldfields Art Gallery, which is undergoing a major renovation
  • And the VicRoads Agency service.

Many of our staff work out and about in the community – Aged and Disability Services, Operations and Parks and Gardens.

We also have over 70 volunteers who help us provide our services to the community – Aged and Community Care including Meals on Wheels, Library and Youth Services, at the Art Gallery, the L2P Program and at the Pound.

During our major event Energy Breakthrough our volunteer numbers swell to over 600 and include judges, race marshals, health and safety personnel and local community groups providing food and beverage.

Our council has been on a journey to provide new services, particularly around economic development, land use planning, community partnerships, better asset management and property management, and good governance of all our processes.

We are still on that journey and there is a real contribution that new managers can make to great outcomes for our community and for us as a management team. All this is underpinned by a flexible working environment and family and study friendly workplace practices, which has been demonstrated in abundance during this pandemic.

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