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Workforce Planning: Ensuring your skill requirements for the next 4-years

The ways of working post COVID-19 and requirements under the Local Government Act 2020 have thrust workforce planning towards the top of every council agenda. Davidson’s expertise will navigate you through our 7 critical step process that can be tailored specifically for your organisation’s staffing requirements for at least the next four years.

Davidson’s 7 stages of Strategic Workforce Planning:

  1. Define your strategic direction –

Understand the strategic landscape for your organisation and define core strategic skills and competencies.

  1.  Scan the internal and external environment –

Increase awareness of the factors both internal and external that will influence the future organisation.

  1. Model the current workforce –

Identify the skills and capability of what you have now versus what you will require before 2025.

  1. Assess future workforce needs and project future supply –

Forecasting talent demand versus talent supply and availability.

  1. Identify gaps and develop gap-closing strategies –

Recognise skill and resource gaps and plan how you will overcome any shortages.

  1. Implement gap-closing strategies –

Execute all actions to increase performance and reduce risk.

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of gap-closing strategies –

Ongoing monitoring and adaptations to implemented strategies to ensure success.

Davidson Advisory Services work with you to develop a Workforce Plan that will ensure you have the right people with the right skills in the right job at the right time performing efficiently and effectively.


Why Davidson?

Davidson's approach is centred around bringing deep industry expertise and technical experience and tailoring into pragmatic advice that enhances workplace performance to deliver sustainable and achievable outcomes. With a focus on strategy, planning, operational excellence and people excellence, Davidson Advisory Services are your trusted partner when it comes to developing robust workforce plans that will guide you to a successful future.

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For further information, or a discussion around how Davidson can assist with your organisation’s staffing requirements, please reach out to us directly.

Clare McCartin

Managing Partner, Search & Advisory

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Partner, Search & Advisory

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