Georgie Minas


Customer Experience Manager

Years of experience working as a senior EA/PA in the legal sector equipped Georgie Minas with a plethora of transferable skills she was able to utilise when she took up her first role in the recruitment sector with Davidson Executive & Boards in Melbourne.

Georgie started with the Executive & Boards team in October 2017 as a Recruitment Coordinator before being promoted to the position of Customer Experience Manager in November 2018 bringing with her strong management and organisational skills and a clear assertiveness which helps to make sure the job is done well.

Georgie is passionate about delivering high quality service to candidates, clients and her team and believes that if you are going to do a job, don’t just do it well, but excel.

Since joining Davidson, Georgie has been able to work on some exciting projects not least of all was assisting in managing Davidson’s Top 50 Public Sector Women initiative in 2018.

Georgie holds a Diploma of Events Management from the College of Event Management. She is passionate about travelling, socialising and, in sticking with a reputation for being able to surprise, is a diehard WWE fan.