Thomas Riley



Thomas Riley joined Davidson’s Brisbane team in Brisbane in July 2019 as a Researcher, where his experience in sales and academic qualifications stand him in good stead for a long career in recruitment.

His career experience includes time working in retail and real estate, including roles such as head of sales and marketing with two leading property companies.

He also spent time teaching English in Pucuruto, a rural town just outside of the sacred valley in Peru.

Thomas has a Diploma of Arts and Communications from Griffith College and a Bachelor of Arts (Sociology & Journalism) from Griffith University.

His career to date has allowed Thomas to develop and refine his analytical, research, communication and interpersonal skills.

Outside of work, Thomas is passionate about sociology and understanding the world around him. He is particularly fascinated with reading about ancient cultures from the Greeks, Romans and Vikings. He is also an avid hiker.