Board Advisory

A proven methodology to build your organisational resilience

Davidson Board Advisory helps clients build sustainable, resilient organisations by helping them define and prepare for the future transformation of their organisation. 

Our services include:

  • Board Strategy workshops & facilitation
  • Transformation assessment and planning (digital & organisational)
  • Governance consulting 
  • Board evaluation, effectiveness, performance & skills assessment

Our approach takes a holistic view of performance and effectiveness, customised to the type and size of the organisation and rather than finishing at the final report, goes on to establish development goals and specific activities at both a Board and individual Director level.

Importantly, our approach is data-driven and underpinned by an industry leading platform (Qualtrics), our team of behavioural psychologists and years of industry experience in evaluating and working with high performing Executives and Directors.

Based on accepted best practices and models endorsed by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, our approach to Board evaluation examines all facets of effectiveness, from process & structure to EQ and culture.

  • Collaborative and Customised 
  • Data Driven and Benchmarked 
  • Development Focused 
  • Best Practice